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Runner (PTLL) 65-90 lm/ft

Product Info

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Installation Instructions

  • Available in standard 200” length or custom lengths in 1″ increments up to 200″
  • Left and right end caps hide wires and provide a finished look
  • Fits securely at carpet edge with no trip hazard
  • Two position options to maximize application placement
  • Diffused light output is pleasing to the eye and reduces glare
  • Floor or wall mount position options to maximize application placement, contact sales of more information
  • Custom profiles and corner assemblies available

Suggested Applications:

  • Carpet Trim Lighting

View the ITC tape light manufacturing process here.

Part Number: PTLL12KK-KITLLLWL-XY [KK= Color temperature, LL= Light length, X= Wire Exit Direction, Y= Channel color] Categories: , , , ,

Additional information


16.5mm x 10mm (.6" x .4")


Single Color: 4 W/ft, RGB: 2.7 W/ft




Single Color: .3A/ft, RGB: .2 A/ft


3000K: 65 Lm/ft, Blue: 90 Lm/ft, RGB: 20 Lm/ft


Single Color: 18 AWG, RGB: 22 AWG

LED Color

3000K, 4000K, 6000K, Blue, Amber or RGB

Cut Line



200" or custom cut


UV Stable PVC – 1018(F1)