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Elara™ (RBLL) 116 LM/FT

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The Elara tape light uses the same heavier copper trace and high quality LEDs that are used in the Astra tape light but has the added benefit of being watertight. The IP66 rating allows for installation in exterior applications, fountains, or any application where the light may come in contact with moisture. Multiple track mounting options allow for installation in areas where tape would not be suitable.

Suggested Applications:

  • Exterior Building Lighting
  • Fountains
  • Walkway Lighting

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View the ITC tape light manufacturing process here.

Part Number: RBLL12KK-LLLWL-A, RBLL24KK-LLLWL-A Categories: ,


  • Available in warm white, cool white, amber, blue, and red
  • Watertight IP66 rated LED flexible tape light
  • Ideal for illumination in small spaces & unique curves
  • Adhesive 3M backing for installation
  • Channel also available for a straight linear installation
  • Decorative

Product Options:

KK = LED Color (RD: Red, BL: Blue, 63: Cool White, 30: Warm White)
LLL = Length in cm

Additional information


.17" × .40"


Silicone 94V0


12V: 2 Watts/Ft (6.5 Watts/Meter), 24V: 1.2 Watts/Ft (3.9 Watts/Meter)


12V DC


12V: .12 Amp/Ft (.54 Amp/Meter), 24V: (.3 Amp/Meter)


12V: 90 lm/ft (295 Lm/Meter), 24V: 116Lm/ft (380Llm/Meter)


Red, Blue, Warm White, Cool White

Cut Line Increment

12V: 1.97" (5 cm), 24V: 3.9" (10cm)

Available Lengths

18' (550cm), 20' (610cm), 22' (670) Rolls. Custom Lengths Available.

LED Count

18 per foot

IP Rating

IP66 Sealed