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Retail Display and Cabinetry

Retail Display

Let ITC help you transition foot traffic through your store into measurable sales. With LED lighting, your store has the opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption and illuminate merchandise with a higher quality of light. We understand the needs of store owners to have constant illumination on products, reduce operating costs & maintenance, and purchase display lighting products that are easy to use & maintain. Our LED lighting Plug ‘n Play system meets all those needs and is backed by a passionate & energetic team of lighting professionals. Our company’s 30+ year history of lighting innovation is just one of the many reason our product is the right choice for your store lighting needs. Not to mention the higher sales we can help provide you through better illuminated displays!

ITC’s commitment to listening and responding to customer needs is what sets our team apart from competitors. Top to bottom, we’re known for exceeding customer expectations. We thrive on finding the right lighting solutions for your product lines and developing custom solutions to help your company achieve your goals. With experience lighting delicate baked goods, jewelry, refrigerated cases, freezers and more, our team understands the challenges in delivering top quality retail displays for a wide range of uses. Our LED fixtures offer low energy consumption, long life, and industry high color rendering to provide improved environmental controls, minimal maintenance, and illumination of merchandise unmatched by fluorescent & halogen lighting options and other LEDs.

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Residential Cabinet Manufacturers

Providing energy efficient LED lighting as part of a cabinet product not only gives customers better lighting options, it can set a manufacturer apart from the competition. Balancing the growing concern about the environment and wasted energy with using lighting to bring out the beauty of the home doesn’t have to be a hard decision when using ITC lighting products. Our high color rendering LED products are low energy use and have long lifespans, so lower energy bills and maintenance costs add value to products for consumers. ITC works with our customers to develop proprietary custom products that really work seamlessly with their offerings, plus our standard options with Plug ‘n Play installation can be added into a project easily.