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Acute Care

Acute Care facilities focus on the safety and well-being of patients and staff, as well as the challenges of rising operating costs. By combining state-of-the-art LED technology with our customer-centric approach, we’ve developed product solutions that ensure patient satisfaction and safety, caregiver effectiveness, and operational efficiency. Our patented, heavy duty Illumagrip®  embodies this philosophy. This product focuses on preventing the high costs associated with patient falls, the aesthetics of a medical facility, and the function of the human body perceiving light & distance. Our products for the acute-care environment demonstrate our team’s passion for incorporating LED lighting solutions in products specific to the needs of patients and healthcare facilities. We design our healthcare products with people in mind.


Durable Medical Equipment

The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) market is just one of the healthcare areas our team at elio® services with LED lighting solutions. In this field we focus on solutions that provide better in-home care including commercially durable products that give in-home patients the confidence and safety needed to continue to live at home. Products that help in way-finding and reducing the risk of injury from falls are key when facing dementia, failing eyesight, and disorientation. No one likes to admit they need help as they age but elio products have been developed to provide help in a form that complements many home decors with its clean design and finish options. The Battery Powered IllumaGrip® rids homes of the institutional looking grab bars and as an added bonus lights the way, especially when paired with our Navi light, giving a focal point to navigate toward for people with poor eyesight. Also, it offers those with mobility limitations or strength issues something to grab onto when needed. Elio’s products for the DME market is crafted to fit the needs of our supplier’s customers with long-term in-home LED solutions.


Long-Term Living

At elio® we make it a priority to understand all of our market segments. For the Long-Term Living sector of healthcare, that means focusing on the safety and well-being of residents and staff, as well as meeting the challenges of controlling rising operating costs. Our LED lighting offers a variety of solutions for long-term living facilities from efficient work spaces for staff with task lighting that dims, to safety in resident bathrooms with our IllumaGrip® assist handle. We want to assist in making your facility a comfortable destination for residents and staff alike.


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