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July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

NACTANACTA is a trade group of Irish stores and we showed at their trade show last year and have gained quite a few sales as a result.

An interesting product has come to our attention which we believe will be a welcome discovery for retailers – especially jewelry retailers. We have Bob Podrasky to thank for this – Bob recently served as a consultant in a merchandising program for Celtic Stores sponsored by Enterprise Ireland. “Showcase lighting (or lack there-of) is an issue in many of the Irish / Celtic stores I have visited” says Bob. “Based on that, I did some research, with a goal to find lighting that would be affordable, be bright white (vs. yellowish which washes out jewelry) and be cool to the touch. I’m happy to report I met with a company that has developed exactly what I see as a solution for the Irish stores. This company has been in the lighting business for 27 years. Their new LED lighting has been tested by a company I know well, Diamonds International. They’re in all Caribbean Cruise Ship Ports. Their requirement was to have lighting as close to pure white as possible, to brilliantly illuminate the diamonds and be as cool as possible, as the heat from existing lights causes problems with their product. These new LED lights make jewelry cases absolutely sparkle!”

When Bob told us this we were very interested and we turned to our Vice President Neville Gardner to be our guinea pig!

Neville had the lighting installed in one of his jewelry display cases and this is what he had to say…

“The difference was night and day. I reduced the heat and electricity in my displays while getting a higher quality light. I reduced the wattage from 300 watts to 30 watts in just one display case! My jewelry now sparkles which I know will help sell more product. The best is that I will no longer constantly be changing light bulbs since this LED lighting system is rated for 50,000 hours. That long life and the fact that it’s mercury free makes it environmentally friendly – and that’s important to me also.

I highly recommend this lighting and I plan to install in all my display cases. At the very least, over time I will see a return on my investment through lower electricity cost and eliminating the cost of replacement light bulbs”.

So we asked Bob, what about cost?

“A standard 4 foot showcase lighted on 3 sides, costs less than $350 per case. This does not include installation, which is quite easy and can be done by any electrician” he said. “I’ve designed many showcases from scratch over the years and working with lighting experts ended up with showcase lighting costing an average of $1,000+ for a 4-6 ft showcase. And it wasn’t LED which is the whitest and brightest on the market. LED lighting is also cool burning, so no one will burn their hand if they touch a light while reaching to get to the jewelry, as happens with halogen lighting”.

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