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Innovative LED IllumaGrip Gaining Attention in Healthcare Industry

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

IllumaGrip_4_ScrewJanuary 13, 2011 – The innovative IllumaGrip™ by elio™ enhances the standard safety handle into a dual functioning safety handle & lighting fixture. Engineered for installation in patient rooms and restrooms, the handle installs in areas where support & illumination become vital to patient safety and care. With its sleek design and unique characteristics, the IllumaGrip is grabbing attention and recognition.

At this past year’s Healthcare Show in Las Vegas, the IllumaGrip received an honorable mention during the 2010 Nightingale Awards recognition as featured in Contract Magazine. The functionality, environmental sustainability qualities, and durability of the product positioned it as a top item of the show among the awards winners.

“It was an exciting achievement to be recognized at the show for an award based on innovation in the healthcare industry. Everyone at ITC is energized about the product and excited to see its impact. We’re on the right track with LED products in our elio line and the excitement the IllumaGrip has brought is great reassurance.” – Robert Van Driel (Elio Healthcare Sales)

Modern in style and superior on functionality, the IllumaGrip services the support & balance concern of patient safety in healthcare environments. It is tested to withstand common healthcare parameters and durability concerns while adhering to ADA regulations. In addition, the handle offers LED illumination providing assistance in patient navigation while embracing the environmental & energy saving benefits of LED.
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