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12V / 24V Luna™ LED Flex Light

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The Luna LED light takes LED flexible lighting to a new level. Its innovative patented diffused design is one of the first on the market and provides an excellent solution for projects where a softer light is desired. The flexibility allows for installation in any shape or size and the multiple mounting channel options allow for straight installation as well. Multiple color temperatures will blend with any office, retail space or home.

Patented Product #9,695,991 B2

Suggested Applications:

  • Cove Lighting
  • Retail Display
  • Exterior Lighting

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Part Number: RNLL12KK-LLL, RNLL24KK-LLL. Category: .

Product Description

  • Neon lighting-like illumination
  • Soft and appealing light output
  • Great for applications where spot-free illumination is required.
  • Available in any length up to 200″
  • Multiple color options including warm white, white, cool white, and daylight (blue, red & amber available by special order)
  • IP66 rated for damp and wet locations
  • Dimmable tih 0-10V or magnetic driver (MLV dimmer)

Mounting Channels Available:

  • RBLL-1 –   Black, 3M Tape Backing
  • RBLL-2 –   Black, No Backing
  • RBLL-4 –   White, 3M Tape Backing
  • RBLL-5 –   White, No Backing
  • RNLL-1 –   Aluminum, No Backing
  • RNLL-1T – Aluminum, 3M Tape Backing
  • RNLL-2 –   Aluminum, No Backing
  • RNLL-2T – Aluminum, 3M Tape Backing
  • RNLL-2T-BK – Black Aluminum, 3M Tape Backing
  • 310-00137-69 – *69″ Aluminum Straight Mount Track With Mounting Clips
  • 310-00137-69-C3 – *69″ Aluminum Straight Mount Track With 30° Mounting Clips
  • 310-00168 – Clear Plastic Notched Track for Curved Installations
  • 810-00009 – Straight Mounting Clip for 310-00168
  • 810-00036 – 30°  Mounting Clip for 310-00168

Additional Information


43″ H × .41″ W x Various L



Total Wattage

12V=2.3 Watts/Ft ; 24V=4 Watts/Ft


12V or 24V DC


0.19 Amp/Ft @12V DC ; 0.17 Amp/Ft @24V DC


12V=161 Lm/Ft ; 24V=360 Lm/Ft


3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 6300K, Blue, Red & Amber

Cut Line Increment

12V=1″ ; 24V=1.5″, custom cuts available see technical specifications

LED Count

12V=46 per foot ; 24V=48 per foot

IP Rating

IP66 Sealed

Operating Temp.

14°F (-10°C) – 122°F (50°C)