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  • Increase sales & protect delicate merchandise with elio® LED’s correct color rendering and minimal heat output.
  • Enhance the beauty of cabinetry by adding energy efficient LED lighting. Fixtures are designed for simple installation and years of enjoyment!
  • Reduce energy consumption and contribute to LEED points by including elio® LED Task Lights in work spaces.
  • Put patient safety at the forefront of Healthcare construction & renovation with the LED IllumaGrip® Assist Handle and LOOK Backlit Mirror.
  • The ITC LOOK Back-Lit Mirror collection makes it easy for you to look good.

Architect and Design

LED lighting for environmental enhancement, meeting LEED goals, safety, and exceptional color rendering.
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Commercial Interiors

The right lighting in a work space benefits staff and employers alike.
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Retail Display and Cabinetry

Retail and residential spaces both benefit from LED lighting with lower energy consumption and added consumer value.
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Our healthcare innovations are inspired by a commitment to the safety and well-being of patients and staff.
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The elio® brand of LED lighting products from ITC Incorporated brings a new experience in high quality lighting and innovative design to the market. ITC launched the elio brand in 2008 to extend its knowledge in LED lighting into new markets, including healthcare, office, store fixtures, and residential and commercial cabinet manufacturers. Elio focuses on easy-to-install applications, high quality state-of-the-art technology, and providing significant return-on-investment for users. Elio LED products enhance the lighting experience with proper color rendering for enhanced merchandise appearance, clearer light output for task work, and improved safety for patients and employees in healthcare environments.

ITC has built a legacy working to solve customer’s needs and concerns with advanced research and product development. Learn more About Us, review our Resources, and explore our Product Line.

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LED Lighting for Retail Environments

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Featured Products

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